Ken Knight - Biography


Ken Knight is a retired teacher of Maths and Physics who chaired the Alistair Hardy Society in London. This society was set up by Sir Alistair Hardy, an Oxford zoologist, who had a profound interest in spirituality. He set up the society to study accounts of spiritual/religious experience from a multi-disciplinary approach.

His own M.A. was centred on what is called the 'common core' in religious experience - that is, seeking elements that are common to all the major world religions. His PhD research has been in religious language with a special focus on Sanskrit. He has had a long association with the monastic parts of Christianity, and was secretary of the Rochester Diocesan Interfaith Committee for some years. Having travelled widely through the Arab and South Asian territories before settling down back in the UK, he has been interested in many different cultures, which has been the basis for his own personal journey.

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