Contemplative School of the Heart
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About Us

St Theresa 

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The Contemplative School of the Heart is seeking to explore, and participate in, the modern recovery of the ancient and essential Christian contemplative, mystical or wisdom tradition in our time. This renewal started with Thomas Merton in the 1950’s and 1960’s and is now spreading through all Christian denominations like ‘treasure hidden in a field’ (Matthew 13:44).

The School is also emerging as a contemporary reflection of our fundamental interdependence and interconnectedness, as well as recognising the need to deeply ground our spiritual search in the heart of this living wisdom tradition. It is supported by an informal and growing community of spiritual companions, represented by Julienne and Judy.

The School is offering support, companionship and resources for the Christian journey of transformation and healing towards wholeness and unity through –


Encouraging contemplative prayer in daily life giving rise to compassionate action and social justice.


Promoting the study, and relevance, of the Christian Contemplative, or Mystical, tradition in the contemporary world through talks and seminars, study groups, retreats and pilgrimages.


Linking with other Christian groups, communities, networks and individuals whose hearts rest in silent prayer and contemplative living.


Exploring and supporting the contemplative dimension in interfaith dialogue.