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2011 Series
Contemplative Interfaith Forum

Exploring Buddhism for Christians
What can Christians learn about the wisdom,
and practice, of meditation from the Buddhist tradition?

Seminar Leader Elizabeth West

Saturday 2nd April 2011
(Audio Recording Available)
Saturday 1st October 2011
(Audio Recording Available)

10.00-3.00pm, North London.
Advance booking is recommended.


There is increasing interest in the teaching and practice of meditation as taught in both Buddhism and Christianity and many Christians are seeking to understand the contemplative dimension of the spiritual journey more fully by using Buddhist teachings.

Elizabeth West formed The Buddhist Christian Network in 1999 to foster and promote friendship, links and trust between sincere practitioners of both Buddhism and Christianity, provide a network where like minded people, who are serious about their spiritual practice, could share their journey as well as putting people in touch with resources in these areas. Buddhist-Christian dialogue is now well advanced and takes many forms, and inter-monastic dialogue and exchanges have been going for many years (see

In each of these two day workshops on 2nd April and 1st October , Elizabeth will give several talks on Buddhist-Christian interfaith dialogue, with plenty of time for exploration and discussion. There will also be focus on meditation practice, where there will be two periods of guided meditation, with an opportunity for questions and discussion relating to meditation practice.



For more information, booking and directions to venue, please contact us.

The sessions begin with a period of silence at 10am and the talk at 10.15am. Donations are welcome.