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Contents list - Osuna web resources


The spirituality of Francisco de Osuna in context

Notes from Mary Giles’ introduction to The Third Spiritual Alphabet by Francisco de Osuna



The essence of recollection

A summary of the essential principles of Francisco de Osuna’s teaching on Recollection and his maxims or ‘wise sayings’ in The Third Spiritual Alphabet.



Recollection as harmony in the soul

Notes on the maxim ‘May the person and the spirit walk together’ in Treatise One of The Third Alphabet by Francisco de Osuna



Recollection and Receptivity

The practice of gratitude – based on the maxim ‘Let all your works abound in fervent thanks’ in the Second Treatise



Recollection as apophatic prayer

Notes on the prayer maxim 'How the soul is to be with God: blind and deaf and dumb and always meek.' in The Third Treatise of The Third Spiritual Alphabet by Francisco De Osuna



Notes on recollection and emptying the self

Based on the maxim ‘Empty your heart and pour out all created things’ in the Fourth Treatise. In this Treatise Osuna offers a compendium of symbols of the empty heart.



Recognising the movements of recollection

Notes on the maxim ‘Frequently practice recollection to train yourself’ in Treatise six of The Third Spiritual Alphabet by Francisco de Osuna.



Guarding recollection from destructive thoughts

Notes on the maxim ‘Thoughts start war if the gate is not closed’ in the Seventh Treatise of the Third Spiritual Alphabet by Francisco de Osuna.



Recollection and the transformation of memory and desire

Notes on the maxim ‘Remember God constantly and call out to Him with sighs’ in Treatise Eleven of the Third Spiritual Alphabet by Francisco de Osuna.



Notes on recollection and spiritual perception - the ‘taste of God’

Based on the maxim ‘ Do not think to attain repose by understanding but rather by tasting ‘ in the Twelfth Treatise.



Liturgies and prayers drawn from the writings of Osuna –



- Liturgy of Friendship with God


- Contemplative rite of Emptying the Heart


- Chant with music : Tu intiminor


- Prayers for walking the Stations of Recollection – with images. [to follow]


- The spiritual practice of ‘remembering God in the heart’ [to follow]


- Journalling - a table for personal recollection